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American Idol' Pia Toscano Becoming a Diva

 American Idol contestant Pia Toscano has been off the hit Fox show for about oneweek. But it seems like she's already casting herself as a pretty highprofile star how much are celine boston bag.

Has Toscano fastforwarded to celine boston bag price diva status already?

Yes, it certainly seems like it. And, here's why. First of all, she has celine boston bag that apparent record deal, whichbrought some immediate fame and plenty ofattention to Toscano (some of which has apparently gone to her head shop celine boston bag ).

Also, celine boston bags she hashooked up with another reality show celine boston tote bag, Mark Ballas, from Dancing With The Stars, and they're rumored to still be dating. But, is it love or the limelight Pia Toscano is seeking here?

And, third, she was in the Idol audience on Thursday night with a fewnew notable accessories. Toscanomade quite the celine boston bag orange statement showing up to American Idol with a body celine boston tote bag guard by her side and a pricey Louis Vuitton handbag on her arm.

Apersonal escortand some LVs? Seems more appropriate for a famous icon like judge Jennifer Lopez than a newbie on the scene. Louis, celine mini boston bag fineperhaps Pia Toscano purchased celine boston bag original price  herselfthe bag as acongratulatory gift. But a bodyguard? That's pushing it.

After all, she could have just called up Randy Jackson if she needed shielding from some of her adoring fans. He is still looking out for celine mini boston bag Pia Toscano, even shouting on Thursday, "You should be here celine boston square bag , dawg!"

"Here"red celine boston bag  obviously being the Idol stage, not the Idol audience.(Photo source: Facebook)

Why all this hatred for Pia? What has Pia done to you? This is the red celine boston bag  second negative post on Gather against her. The first post was "Does Pia Deserve a Record Deal?" and now this. What is this? Does Pia remind you of the cheerleader that stole your boyfriend celine boston bag shop online in high school? You are completely, 1000% WRONG about Pia. The girl is 22 yearsold. Give her a frigging break. The reason she got all the press was that she was wrongfully celine boston bag orange  kicked off of American Idol and a huge number of fans responded and the media took notice. Pia did not kick herself off. I'm sure she would prefer to still be on Idol celine boston bag original price.

Pia is NOT a diva. She is a great celine boston bag role model for young people on persistence and hard work. Sure,cheap celine boston bag she has the looks and talent but had to tryout for boston bag de celine Idol five times before finally making it to the finals show. Mets game. Pia has conducted throughout the whole Idol process with dignity and class. Pia never uttered a single negative word about this whole situation. Trying for something five times makes you humble and grateful when you finally get it. I would be boston bag de celine very happy if my young nieces grow up to conduct like celine boston bag online Pia did in the face of adversity. STOP THE HATE. Pia hascheap celine boston bag a Louis Vuitton handbag, is dating ANOTHER celebrity (who happened to be working in the same studio as her) and brought what might have been perceived as a bodyguard to Idol. And this, in your fevered imagination, makes her a DIVA?

Ok, please share with us celine boston bag shop online a list of the handbag makers Pia is allowed to own which would make her NOT a Diva. Lord knows, ONLY Diva's carry LV's. I hear the company is going bankrupt due to this fact. Ok,celine boston bag online  let's see. Ah, dating another young hot celebrity. Wow, celine boston bag price that IS weird. She MUST have an ulterior motive. Of course, dating a DWTS dancer would be the key to assured stardom (not). The bodyguard? I seriously doubt that was Pia's idea if,shop celine boston bag  in fact, it even was a bodyguard.

In summary,how much are celine boston bag you article is idiotic and trying to stir up controversy where none exists. You celine boston bag outlet simply hate Pia because she is in every conceivable way better than you.

OOooohhh Buuurn! :P

I completely agree with all the comments celine boston bag outlet  above.

But Ms W, you're absolutely right! Why DOES celine boston bags she need a bodyguard?! She should just chuck the fella and move around town with the risk of getting hurt :)

If you'd seen ANY  celine boston square bag videos of Pia on the streets postIdol, you'd notice all the hordes of not only screaming fans, but annoying paparazzi too. But then again, celine boston bag prezzo you've probably done your research and I'm wrong.

Bill, please pass on that list of handbag makers when you get it. Heaven knows I wouldn't want to cross any lines and buy a DIVA BAG for myself! What would my friends think celine boston bag prezzo










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